Sophia Vitko

artist bio

I work in several genres of visual art: abstract and figurative painting and digital art.Born in Ukraine. Live in New York, USAIn my artistic practice I explore the interplay between traditional and digital techniques, with a focus on creating works that achieve a balance between these two worlds. I hope to challenge the viewer's preconceptions about the relationship between these two artistic media, and to encourage a deeper appreciation for the unique qualities of each approach. I believe that by pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of abstract art, we can unlock new avenues of creativity and inspiration.Exhibitions:
Big Screen Plaza, New York, USA - Apr 6 - Jun 30 2023
✦ Gap Show, RIVAA Gallery, New York, USA - Jun 14 - 23 2023
✦ Spectrum, RIVAA Gallery, New York, USA - Aug 5 - 31 2023
✦ Intermezzo, RIVAA Gallery, New York, USA - Sep 16 - Oct 1 2023
Founder of Artmywall - mobile app for showcasing art in virtual interiors.


In my new body of work "What is real", I have contrasted traditional abstract strokes with digitally produced stripes of plain colors. This juxtaposition creates a dynamic tension that highlights the unique qualities of each technique, while also achieving a sense of harmony and balance within the final artwork.By combining these two approaches, I seek to create works that are both visually engaging and conceptually thought-provoking. The traditional strokes add a sense of organic movement and unpredictability to the pieces, while the clean, geometric lines of the digitally produced stripes provide a sense of structure and order. Together, these elements create works that are multi-layered and rich in meaning.My artworks are available as limited edition prints and in digital format as NFTs. Feel free to contact me via email for purchase and collaboration.


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